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Our Story

Golden Hour emerged and originated as a festival throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. While the festival had two incredible years; supporting artists, local businesses, charities and communities, we are pleased to announce its latest iteration as a people first production house.

Golden Hour Productions is backed by Tai Pascal Notar (Founder, CEO) and Andrea Delgado (Partner, Managing Director); two individuals who believe in a holistic approach through honesty, transparency and communication. Tai and Andrea met while co-producing a project in New York City and instantly felt a connection. Since then, they have worked on several projects together and continue to be recognized as a dynamic duo.


Both Tai and Andrea have emerged within the live entertainment and event industries by working their way from the ground up. Between their two individual experiences, they bring a wealth of knowledge to the table and instill confidence in getting projects over the finish line.


Through navigating the landscape of other production houses, Golden Hour Productions believes in a collaborative road to the success of projects. The company fosters strong relationships and nurtures teams to exceed expectations. Golden Hour Productions recognizes the cultures and communities in which their projects take place and is proud to continue their mission to supporting local whenever possible.

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Whether you need support in pitching, creative development, budgeting, execution, project delivery or reconciliation - Golden Hour Productions will provide a seamless solution for end-to-end delivery of any size projects. We provide approachable, turn key solutions and a custom tailor approach to each individual event.

Operations & Logistics

Our talented team is not only well versed behind the scenes but often the boots on the ground on the front lines. We know that the first touch point often sets the tone of the experience and our team goes above and beyond to create ever lasting moments. From staffing, ticketing, customer service, guest retention - leave it with us!

Talent Services

Is our hidden secret! With almost a decade in Talent Services we’ve surely seen it all. Regardless if it’s stage performers, site performers, speakers, athletes or even just VIP guests; we will ensure to provide them an elevated experience they won’t forget.

Tai Pascal Notar
Andrea Delgado
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